About Us

What is ArrowOutlet?

ArrowOutlet Ė Save Up To 90% On Brand New, Factory Sealed Items!
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, ArrowOutlet is a corporation that is pioneering a new type of auction game. Our auctions are different than typical Internet auctions in the following three ways:

  1. In order to bid in our auctions, you must purchase Bid Packs. Each bid cost $0.50.
  2. Winners receive huge discounts -- our winners save 90% on average. We only auction new, factory-sealed items.
  3. If you donít win an auction, you donít have to lose your money. You can buy the auction item from us at a discount using Buy-itNow.

How Do ArrowOutlet Auctions Work?
To participate in an auction, you first purchase bids for $0.50 each. When a customer bids, the price of the auction increases by a few pennies and the auction clock goes up by a few seconds. †The last bidder when the clock reaches zero wins the auction Ė no matter how low the price!

What If I Donít Win The Auction?
Say you bought 80 bids for $40 and spent those bids on an auction and someone else won the auction. No sweat! If the auction item retails for $50, you can buy the item from us for a discount of $8 (20% of your $40 in bids). Even if you donít win the auction, you pay prices similar to retail.† You never need to leave empty handed.

About The Company
Our goal is to bring the fun back into shopping. What is more fun than the opportunity to get huge savings on a highly coveted item? Especially if, even if you donít win, you can get your money back if you buy the item.
We hope you enjoy ArrowOutlet.com and come back often!

What We Stand For

  • We stand for  a safe, ethical bidding environment for our customers.
  • We stand for  accurate product and pricing information.
  • We stand for  treating customers the way that we'd like to be treated with timely responses to customer inquiries and swift resolutions to customer problems.
  • We stand for  common sense, and where common sense and one of our policies differ we'll choose common sense.
  • We stand for  treating the information provided to us by our customers as if it was our own, with high standards for customer privacy.
  • We stand for  creating an environment of constant innovation, where delivering new features and products that surprise and delight customers is the norm.
  • We stand for  treating our employees, suppliers and partners with respect and dignity.
  • We stand for  putting fun back into ecommerce.

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ArrowOutlet LLC
955 Massachusetts Ave Suite #120
Cambridge, MA 02139-3180

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