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Why does the clock keep on jumping to 15 seconds?

Our site is a novel auction format. It isn't like eBay, which has a fixed end time.

Instead, our auctions are in the style of "going ... going... gone!" Every time somebody places a bid, we raise the time up to 15 seconds to give other users a opportunity to join in.

These auction rules are explained in our main tutorial. We understand that users who are experienced with eBay may need to adjust to this new system. That's why we created beginner auctionsto teach new users!
(NOTE: To see these beginner auctions, you need to be logged in, and have never won an auction)

Also we have a money-back guarantee on your first bidpack to further reduce your risk. We will refund any bids you have left in your account.

Another way we're unlike eBay is that:

  • Our end prices are 90-95% lower than retail (compared to eBay, which is near retail).
  • Our products are all new, come with warranty, and can be returned.

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I just registered but can't remember my username.

Please check the confirmation email we sent you. The subject is " - Thanks for registering!"

I've forgotten my password, how can I get it back?

Just enter your email on our Forgot Password tool. You'll get an email within 10 minutes with instructions on resetting your password. If you don't receive it, please check your spam folder.

The forgot password form doesn't work for me!

Please check your spam folder for the email if it doesn't arrive. If the link doesn't work, please try to user our tool again and click on the new email as it may be time-sensitive.

Do bids cost money? How are they used up?

Bids cost about $0.50 each, and you need to purchase a bidpack to get started. We aren't like eBay, where bidding is free. Instead, bids cost money, but the end price is much lower.

Each time you bid, you use up one bid. On your first bidpack, bids that you don't use up can be refunded, so you can try our site with minimal risk!

Also, if you don't win, your bids aren't wasted. You can get $0.10 off retail for each bid you place through Buy It Now.

Are bids used up when you bid?

Each time you press the green Bid Now button on any auction, you use up one bid and become the current winner of that auction. After you login, your remaining bids are displayed in the userbar right below the Logout button.

Do bids carry over from auction to auction?

Yes, when you buy a bidpack, those bids do not have a preset expiration date. Bids that you do not use on one auction can always be used on another auction.

What are your processing fees? Does this cover shipping and tax?

For all products, if you win an auction as a bonus we give you shipping FREE and guarantee Absolutely No Fees! The auction ending price is what you pay for it. No strings attached.

For Bidpacks, to recover taxes, we do charge a small 9% Bidpack Fee. If you use Buy-It-Now, we charge a 9% Buy-It-Now fee as well.

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Do you have shipping fees?

Shipping is free! We have no hidden charges or fees - what you pay on checkout is what you pay!

What are some strategies for winning?

Since bidding smart helps win you more prizes more often, we do help our customers with bidding strategies. For a list of articles that we've published on strategies, please visit the ArrowOutlet official community site:

The checkout form gives a credit card error

Every once in a while, we will have a user whose bank or credit card company fails to correctly process a payment request. In that case, no charge goes through and we give the user an error.

Don't worry though, most users who encounter this error get the payment to work quickly. The easiest way to correct this problem is to go through the following steps:

  1. Please check your CVV and Address to make sure it matches what's on file with the bank. Try again.
  2. Please try another debit or credit card.
  3. If the first step doesn't work, please call your credit card or bank and ask them why they didn't process the transaction. Oftentimes they will find the error and correct it.

I bought bids but I don't see them or can't bid.

After you login, your bids are displayed in the userbar right below the Logout button.

If you don't see bids in your account, then your charge actually failed to go through. While we do our best to tell users of a failed charge when it occurs, sometimes the charge is held as pending by our processor because of some characteristic of your account. In that case, your bids are not credited, and you were not charged for the purchase.

The easiest way to correct this problem is to try the following steps:

  1. Please try another debit or credit card on our site. Make sure your connection to our site is stable and uninterrupted.
  2. If the first step doesn't work, please call your credit card or bank and ask them why they didn't process the transaction. Oftentimes they will find the error and correct it.

How Do I Checkout?

Congratulations on your win! After you win an item or bidpack, you need to check out to receive it! To do so, after logging in, click on "My Outlet" on top. Then, click on "Won Auctions" on the left, and you can pay for your won auctions!

When will my item ship?

After your item has checked out, please allow 3-4 business days for us to process your order and send you confirmation. For most items, we will also email you when our vendor notifies us that your item has shipped.

My item has shipped. When will it get to my door?

Usually the shipping information contains an expected delivery date. Please check your order confirmation email to look for this date. Often shipping takes anywhere from two days to a week.

What is the activation code for my Visa gift card?

The activation code is in your order confirmation email. Please look back to this email for the code.

I have another issue with an item that I won.

Please click No below to submit a question about the product. Include the auction ID and day of winning to speed up our response.

Buy It Now - How does it work?

If you want to stop bidding on an auction, your bids aren't wasted. You can get $0.10 off retail for each bid you place through Buy It Now. Just press the blue "Buy Now" button on the auction page below the Bid button, check out, and you'll get the item at a great discount!

Buy It Now - When can I use it?

You can use Buy It Now up to 24 Hours after the auction ends. Make a quick decision about whether you want the item!

Bid-O-Matic - How does it work and how do I use it?

The bid-o-matic lets you bid on auctions without being at your computer. You set how many bids you want to spend, a minimum price when you want the bids to come in, and a maximum price when you want to stop bidding.

The bid-o-matic will place bids as though you're sitting at your computer. Once you run out of bids or the price exceeds the maximum price, then the Bid-O-Matic deactivates and any unused bids are returned to your account.

You can set the bid-o-matic on each auction page below the "Bidding History" box.

Bid-O-Matic - Why did the auction end even though my maximum price was higher than the auction price?

We use up your bids as though you were sitting at your computer. This means that when there's an opportunity for the Bid-O-Matic to place your bid, it does so as soon as it can so that you don't lose out on the auction.

For example, some users will set a Bid-O-Matic to bid from $10 to $20 with 30 bids. Because it takes a lot of bids to go from $10 to $20 in a penny auction, your 30 bids might be used up before the auction reaches $20, and the Bid-O-Matic will deactivate.

However, as long as your Bid-O-Matic has any bids remaining, it will bid until it hits the maximum price you set.

Bid-O-Matic - I set a Bid-O-Matic and my bids disappeared immediately. Where did they go?

When you set a Bid-O-Matic, we deduct those bids temporarily from your account to make sure you have enough to place on the auction. For example, if you want to place 10 bids, we reserve 10 bids from your account. You can cancel the Bid-O-Matic at any time to get those bids back.

The Site told me I leveled up, how do I get my prize?

After you level up, you need to select your prize to get it. To select your prize, first go into "My Outlet" and then "Level Up Rewards" on the left. You can also click here.

First, click on "Reveal Prizes" below the grab bag item. Click Spin to spin the wheel, and Stop to stop the wheel. This randomly chooses your grabbag prizes. Even if you don't choose the Grab Bag prize in the end, you need to reveal it first. Press Close to exit once you have your grabbag item.

Next, you can choose between the four options you have in front of you! You can choose to redeem your grabbag item for bids (you should choose this only if you get more bids this way).

Bids are credited immediately. The giftcard and grabbag take the normal 3-4 business days to process.

Is the level up system free?

Absolutely - 100% free. You don't even pay shipping for the items. It's your reward for participating on our site.

I chose an item for my level-up item and still haven't gotten it yet.

For smaller grabbag items such as LED flashlights and keychains, you may see a slight delay in shipping as we purchase these products in bulk and ship it out ourselves. For most other large items, you will receive order confirmation within a few days at the most.

What is your risk-free guarantee policy?

We can refund all your unused bids on your very first bidpack. This way, if you bid just once and don't like it, we can return nearly all of your purchase!

How do I get a refund?

Please contact support in the form below and ask for a refund.

Can I get a refund if I used up all my bids?

Unfortunately we can only refund bids that you have left in your account. Each time you bid, you raise the price of the auction for other users and prevent others from winning. It would be unfair to everyone in the community if we refunded used bids.

Thank you for understanding.

How do I close my account?

If you signed up and aren't interested, you can close your account by scrolling to the bottom of this page. You will no longer be able to log in and will no longer receive emails from us. Note that this does not provide you with a refund for your remaining bids.

I'd like to suggest a few items to add to the variety of your site.

If you want to see items on your site, just email us your ideas at We continuously try to add items to our lineup, and you might be able to bid on those items soon after you email them to us!

Can I get bulk discounts for buying bidpacks larger than $499.95?

We currently have VIP discounts for our most committed users. Bulk bidpacks are available from $999.95-$9,999.95, with discounts of up to 15% off. Generally, we offer these discounts only to users with high levels. If you'd like to join the VIP club, please contact for more details and how many bids you would like to buy at once. Our Concierge will be in touch with you.

What are some other ways to get bids on the site?

To get more bids, you can try to bid on bidpacks, or try one of our new Games. For our Spin for Bids, for example, you can get 30,000 bids with just one bid!

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