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Rechargeable Folding Worklight

The Might-D-Light rechargeable folding worklight is portable, compact and versatile and its lightweight innovative folding design is unlike any other sticklight.

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Product Details

Rechargeable Folding Worklight

Technical Details

  • 80 LED lights never need to be replaced
  • Innovative folding design allows for flexible and easy adjustments from 0 degrees up to 200 degrees and fold for convenient, easy storage
  • Two integrated neodymium magnets for securing to most metals
  • Reflective strips increase visibility during roadside applications
  • Cordless rechargeable unit with AC and DC charging adapters included

Product Description

 The Might-D-Light offers 80 bright white LEDs that never need to be replaced. These energy efficient LEDs illuminate your projects without the heat of typical halogen worklights. The innovative patent pending design folds for convenient, easy storage. The friction tension hinge allows for flexible and easy adjustments from 0 degrees up to 200 degrees. Two integrated neodymium rare earth magnets which attach to most metals surfaces and a nylon swivel hook allow for hands-free use.  This design also features durable polycarbonate lens and an easy grip handle with a convenient ON/OFF switch location.  The reflective tape strips are ideal during roadside applications. The wall (AC) and car (DC) chargers are included. The Might-D-Light is perfect for a wide variety of applications, but is a must for confined work areas or when portability is required.

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